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The Tangled Web
Standing outside the entrance to the cave, you are surprised to hear the sounds of music and merriment coming from deep within.
1) Enter the Cave
2) Run fast and far away

Moving to room 'Faerun'..
(1353) TaliesinNYC (enter): 18:42
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(1354) Zane (enter): 18:46
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(1353) TaliesinNYC: sorry about Sat
(1353) TaliesinNYC: I woke up with a rush and yelled when I saw the time
(1353) TaliesinNYC: and DJ was a zombie
(1353) TaliesinNYC: gonna be afk for a bit (washing dishes)
(1354) Zane: Yeah, Dj had left us after a little bit, asking us to just say his name when you arrived so Open would wake him up, maybe.
(1354) Zane: no prob - I'm getting food myself.
(1355) Lunauc (enter): 18:57
(1355) Lunauc: Happy Easter
(1354) Zane: Ditto
(1355) Lunauc: And I'd be happier if I wasn't nauseaus from all the damn pie and cake.. ugh...
(1354) Zane: :-) Serves you right.
(1355) Lunauc: :p
(1356) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 19:02
(1353) TaliesinNYC: cake and pie?
(1355) Lunauc: Visited my brother's house to see my niece and nephews for easter... lets just say, there was a lot of desert..
(1355) Lunauc: I regret it, and now I remember why I generally steer clear of pastries
(1356) Dj Gilcrease: lol
(1353) TaliesinNYC: because you're a pig?
(1355) Lunauc: well.. they kep insisting.
(1353) TaliesinNYC: heheh
(1355) Lunauc: Took some pepto, I'll be alright
(1354) Zane: That's good to hear
(1353) TaliesinNYC: we could conceivably play with only 3 tonight
(1353) TaliesinNYC: but people aren't here, including the newbie
(1353) TaliesinNYC: who didn't e-mail the list
(1353) TaliesinNYC: up to you if that's a black mark
(1354) Zane: Does that really sursrpise you?
(1355) Lunauc: well, it is holiday. Some may just be late getting home.
(1353) TaliesinNYC: it takes 1 minute to send an e-mail
(1355) Lunauc: Som may be passed out in insulin shock
(1353) TaliesinNYC: I doubt it. =P
(1353) TaliesinNYC: then again I took a nap last night so I don't have a leg to stand on
(1354) Zane: Yeah, I think we even had everyone last night, didn't we?
(1353) TaliesinNYC: so for Fri, Kha will not be returning I don't think
(1353) TaliesinNYC: though I remain open to bribes
(1353) TaliesinNYC: ^^
(1355) Lunauc: When is the Memorial going up on the site?
(1353) TaliesinNYC: ROFL
(1353) TaliesinNYC: he wins the award for most ressurections
(1356) Dj Gilcrease: When I type it up =P
(1354) Zane: Which the only down side is that the only people that know for sure Kha sacrificed himself are either dead or our enemies.
(1356) Dj Gilcrease: Ya, leave it to Kha to even screw up one of his few Noble acts, so noone else knows
(1354) Zane: So, we wait more, or go with only three? If we do the oath, we need everyone, don't we?
(1353) TaliesinNYC: yes
(1353) TaliesinNYC: wait till 8 and then table it if not
(1353) TaliesinNYC: the kidnapping/locket requires a full group to get the most out of it
(1353) TaliesinNYC: I mean I could go for 3, I suppose I'll flip a coin
(1355) Lunauc: well, the oath might wait until later, no? Coming to swear allegiance and sign a legal charter is a bit more ceremonial than popping by in an hour's notice for tea and kidnapping talk, I figure.
(1353) TaliesinNYC: the oath can wait of course
(1353) TaliesinNYC: so if you go to see her ladyship, it'd be about the locket?
(1355) Lunauc: yup, and a pleasant visit of course.
(1353) TaliesinNYC: okay
(1353) TaliesinNYC: let's go then
(1353) TaliesinNYC: (1135) Jasper: "I knew I saw you 'afore." (grins) "I'll see you a' th' manor in an hour."
(1353) TaliesinNYC: (1146) Sushil: "Promptly."
(1353) TaliesinNYC: ** (1140) Cassima raises an eyebrow at the name of the group. "That's what we will be called?" **
(1353) TaliesinNYC: ** (1135) Jasper leaves, his chest puffed up. **
(1353) TaliesinNYC: (1146) Sushil: :to Cassima: "If I have to suffer it, so do you."
(1353) TaliesinNYC: (1140) Cassima: "As long as you can find some of the stuff that you all were smoking to come up with that name."
(1353) TaliesinNYC: (1146) Sushil: "Will have to stop by the herbal shop for that."
(1354) Cassima: "So we have an hour before we meet with Lady Winter?"
(1355) Sushil: "Apparently."
(1356) Kiwren: "We are meeting Lady Winter? I did not meet her last time, my master dropped me off and spoke with her, but I was not allowed to see her."
(1354) Cassima: "Then I am going to get a quick bath." Cassima gets a room so that she can get cleaned up a litle."
(1355) Sushil: "Oh? Really? I thought you travelled here on your on. Tis a shame I missed a chance to meet your glorious Master."
(1355) Sushil: (own even*)
(1356) Kiwren: "I dont n ot have the power to transport myself across half the continent in the blink of an eye. And I doubt I would have survived attempting to travel it alone."
(1355) Sushil: "Then Lady Winter already knows of your presence here?"
(1356) Kiwren: "I belive so, I do not know the contents of her and my masters conversation though."
(1355) Sushil: "Suppose we'll find out then."
(1353) DM: (ok to FF if you like)
(1353) DM: (though if you want to RP, that's fine too)
(1355) Sushil: (sure)
(1354) Cassima: (( I've already RPed out one bath this week - I'm good to FF ))
(1355) Sushil: (either way)
(1355) Sushil: "Is there any reason your Master chose this area to drop you off in?"
(1356) Kiwren: "I çose the area by flipping a coin and drawing a circle around it on the map it landed on. I assume my master çose this town in particular because she had met or knew of Lady Winter and felt it was a good starting point for me."
(1355) Sushil: :shrugs: "Very helpful Master you have, and lovely company she keeps. I don't suppose you're as well connected?"
(1356) Kiwren: "I have lived the past nine years in her Lair, with little to no contact with anyone else. I have not even seen my mother since I enter into the apprenticship."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, repeat that please
(1355) Sushil: "Yes, yes, but you'd be surprised what proper name dropping can get you. All that aside though, at least you get to meet new folks now."
(1355) Sushil: (we can FF, if you like.)
** (1354) Cassima cleans herself up in the bath of the room upstairs, removing the grit and stench of the trip from her body. **
(1354) Cassima: (( lol - sure. ))
(1356) Kiwren: "Well I can drop lots of names, its something I study, but you would likly not understand the names, and those they belong to would not be very happy that I am using them for no porpose."
(1353) DM: So a short time later, you're at her manse.
(1353) Jasper: "An, these are th' folks I said I'd bring 'ere, m'lady."
** (1354) Cassima walks with a lightness to her step, feeling better having gotten cleaned up. **
** (1353) Lady Winter nods. **
** (1355) Sushil gives a proper bow to the Lady, as he enters. "Good Day, Lady Winter, a pleasure to see you, as always." **
** (1354) Cassima curtsies to Lady Winter as they are announced, but remains silent for now. **
(1355) Sushil: "Though I wish I had better news to bring you." :as he straightens back up:
(1356) Kiwren: "Lady Winter, we have not had the pleasure of meeting directly, but you did meet with my master a little more then a week ago."
(1353) Lady Winter: "I've heard some of it, but perhaps you'd best start from the beginning and I'll fill you in on the rest."
** (1353) Lady Winter nods at Kiwren. **
** (1355) Sushil nods as he moves toward the Lady, drawing the locket out from under his cloak, to hold out to her, "We found this ina cave not far from here, along with the bodies of three purple dragons. I believe it belongs to your missing bride." **
** (1353) Lady Winter takes the locket and examines it. **
(1353) Lady Winter: "Missing Purple Dragons?" (looks at Jasper who shrugs helplessly)
(1353) Lady Winter: "Go on."
(1355) Sushil: "The cave we found them in extended to an underground orc tomb, which had become infested with giant spiders. Apparently the Dragons were victim to the spiders. There was no sign of the girl though."
(1355) Sushil: "I take it, no Dragons have been reported missing lately?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "All of the Dragons in Eveningstar are accounted for."
(1355) Sushil: "Were there any travelling with the girl?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "I'll inquire elsewhere, but I suspect they were from another city or locale."
** (1354) Cassima pulls out the three dragons insignias and the personal effects that she gathered to identify them. "Here are the items they had." **
(1353) Lady Winter: "Not to my knowledge."
(1353) Jasper: "Th' hash marks show them as from bein' from Arabel."
** (1354) Cassima raises an eybrow. **
** (1353) Lady Winter frowns, then settles into thought. **
(1355) Sushil: "Either a team sent to look for her.. or imposters who aided in her kidnapping..?"
(1356) Kiwren: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(1355) Sushil: "Do you have anyways of instantly contacting Arabel to inquire about their dragons?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "No." (looks up)
(1353) Lady Winter: "On the other hand, you could inquire."
(1355) Sushil: "Are you asking us to travel to Arabel?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "I'm asking you to look into this matter for me. There are...certain political sensitivities that you would be immune to."
(1355) Sushil: (btw... which side of the river is the cave we visited on?)
(1353) DM: (doesn't anyone read my e-mails? lol. the cave is NW of Eveningstar.)
(1355) Sushil: (yeah, but the river bends, so I wasn't sure)
(1355) Sushil: (basically just making sure they had to cross the river to reach the cave, before bringing it up)
** (1355) Sushil gives a thoughtful nod, "Well.. if it is a request from the Lady of the Land, herself, I can hardly turn you down. Though I cannot speak for my accompaniment, of course." **
(1354) Cassima: (( sorry - was finishing up a phone call, back now. ))
(1353) Lady Winter: "You don't have to. I would however add that there are rewards to be had..."
** (1354) Cassima smiles at the idea of travelling to Arabel. **
** (1353) Lady Winter trails off and looks thoughtful. **
(1356) Kiwren: "We work for you, or Lady Ruth in any case, so I would assume we would travel with you to Arabel, after our Dealings with Ait are concluded that is."
(1355) Sushil: "I thank you, for that consideration, though one thing does trouble me.. do you have a map of the surrounding areas about?"
(1355) Sushil: :nods to Kiwren: "I appreciate that."
(1353) Lady Winter: "You would travel to Arabel on your own. I cannot leave the village. Like I said, there are political sensitivities in this matter."
(1355) Sushil: "Understood."
(1353) Lady Winter: "Jasper will provide a map for you."
(1354) Cassima: "I am sure we could manage the trip. After all, Rowan and I came from there before we arrived at Stonewatch."
(1355) Sushil: :looks to Jasper: "You wouldn't have it on you, would you?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "I hereby authorize the Company of Greenwood Adventurers to act in a manner under the Crown for a period of time not to exceed the satisfactory resolution of the matter of the missing bride of Lord Greenmantle. By my hand in the name of His Majesty on this thirtieth day of Eleasias in the year one thousand three hundred forty-eight Dalereckoning."
(1353) Jasper: "I c'n look fer one in th' barracks."
(1356) Kiwren: "Who are the company of Greenwood Adventurers? Did I miss something and become one?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "I assume she is your fellow?" (to Sushil)
(1353) Lady Winter: "She is a new face."
(1355) Sushil: :shakes his head to Kiwren: "It is the name of the Adventuring Company I am chartered to." :to Winter: "These are candidates to join our newly forming forces at Stonewatch." :to the others: "Do introduce yourselves."
** (1354) Cassima cursties deeply to Lady Winter, "Cassima Hiloar, Favored of Selune, of Arabel. It is a pleasure indded to meet you Lady." **
(1356) Kiwren: "Kiwren Orthenbar, student of Valamaradace, of the Silvery Marçes"
(1353) Lady Winter: "I see."
(1353) Lady Winter: "Well then there is the matter of the Oath."
(1353) Lady Winter: "Are you amending your charter?" (to Sushil)
(1353) Lady Winter: "The alternative is that you would be directly responsible for the actions of these two if not."
(1355) Sushil: "If all turns out well, we will be. There are more members than these two, or I hope there will be. When I can assemble them, they will be sworn in then. Though these two can swear the oath now, if you would allow it."
** (1353) Lady Winter nods slowly. **
(1353) Lady Winter: "Then, repeat after me, all of you in unison: ' We, the members of Greenwood Adventurers, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Azoun IV, the First of Tyr and Defender of the Faith, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Cormyr. By this pledge, we vow to obey Cormyr's laws when within the Kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the Kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the Kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow."
(1356) Kiwren: "Just so I am clear. This oath would make me a member of the Greenwood Adventurers?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "Yes."
(1353) Lady Winter: "If you do not swear the oath, you will not be permitted to adventure within this realm."
** (1354) Cassima looks to Kiwren, ready to repeat the oath with her. **
** (1356) Kiwren nods "Name seems kind of odd, but very well." looks to Cassima for a cue to start **
** (1354) Cassima gives the oath as Lady Winter spoke it. **
(1355) Sushil: "Which reminds me, due to loss of former members, I will be soon putting in for a name change to the charter."
(1356) Kiwren: "Zêâdeöiøçb'Òoíñçaàça Fíèûoâpoa`Zèuäóúnmiòà Úòèúîïÿbæä Îþannkýyã Døcèkéõçb Üëxpõrèúkä'Zéanñóïýÿçb`Éyùfâéàqîá Áâønméoïä Òoíñçaàça Íôýzêrçcc Zèuäóúnmiòà'Wüãùéöiòà Gøçîîßpøçb'Zêdpfåûóhàà Òoíñçaàça'Zðjcêûpèîûc Zèuäóúnmiòà'Zëgêùèjcèìá Zéanñóïýÿçb Hìabnldpæ Zèuäóúnmiòà Òoíñçaàça'Igødoãßòâ Âêãidéwià'Zèßønjqâòoá Jtþÿçmðcc îqáìíôàòà'Éyûólmhnkä Eèúìäwmpæ-Òoíñçaàça Vdøãîttßôä Vâêcêùêtùæ Zèuäóúnmiòà Zfîmóìkðäab Qåbdröaíà Ióínâppfå Jtþÿçmðcc Zèrèrgògôóã haàfkzeeòâ'Eèúìäwmpæ Zðlïøkxòpc Zêçkxóùëyqa'jtþýàôõâà Zgòçåâçaaãã möàqnjûòà'Òoíñçaàça Rêáæfçmhb ëyrfñòdèã Eèúìäwmpæ'Fïñeølãmqb'æveøjuácc Zeømeðîrena'Zéàògóïxøïâ Zéyûpëakzgæ'Ròçæèïüãã ùðãtúnmhb`Òoíñçaàça Rêáæfçmhb'mözhñqnb Eèúìäwmpæ'Úøcðäyrdêå Eèúìäwmpæ'ïàõqcògoa Zéàògóïxøïâ Zgòçåâçaaãã Zèréÿáblæüa ùðãtúnmhb`Xuçnlåþytã'Zèûøçmëÿãá'Eèúìäwmpæ`Òoíñçaàça Éyßnbïnãqa Zéanñóïýÿçb'Eèúìäwmpæ åùedëéna egöysïvèã îqáìíôàòà'hãskèîsììá möàqnjûòà Òoíñçaàça ãùhlåúìàà`Vänæfäõâà mpeéÿæüââ'Hbläòöèìîã'Zèrèrgògôóã'Jtþÿçmðcc'Zéüaãuâêcéâ Òoíñçaàça Éüâóûqíà'Zèuäóúnmiòà'Zéÿbãigøæzæ Zèuäóúnmiòà Òoíñçaàça Üêtûôöipëä aânâpõßâ'Zèrèrgògôóã lbâgôòøïâ"
(1354) Cassima: (( she's gotta be difficult, doesn't she? ))
(1356) Kiwren: (( She assumed it would be more binding spoken in the True language =P ))
** (1355) Sushil looks at Kiwren, as she garbles out her speech, before offering helpfully to Winter, "I think that was the Oath." **
** (1353) Lady Winter seems taken aback. **
(1353) Lady Winter: "As a local lord, I have seen and heard many things in my lifetime but this is definitely the capper."
** (1356) Kiwren loos at Shushil then to Lady winter "Did I do it wrong?" **
(1356) Kiwren: (( *looks ))
(1355) Sushil: "Umm.. it's polite to speak to people in their own language, when possible. Especially when taking an Oath sworn to a land with a common language of its own."
(1353) Lady Winter: "The Oath is not binding unless spoken in the language of the realm."
(1356) Kiwren: "Oh ok, I just assumed it would be slightly more binding if spoken in the Ture Language, thus notifying the univers of your oath. But I will labhair it again in the langauge of the realm."
(1356) Kiwren: "We, the members of Greenwood Adventurers, duly çartered and recognized by the grace of King Azoun IV, the First of Tyr and Defender of the Faith, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Cormyr. By this pledge, we vow to obey Cormyr's laws when within the Kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the Kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the Kingdom, and to faithfully renew our çarter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of eaç of the gods that we follow."
** (1356) Kiwren looks around "Did I do it right that time?" **
(1355) Sushil: "Sounds well enough."
** (1354) Cassima looks to Lady Winter. **
(1353) Lady Winter: "Good."
(1353) Lady Winter: "So, for this mission, it is imperative that you do not state you are working on behalf of the Crown."
(1355) Sushil: "Not a problem, as I understand, the retrieval of the girl has a reward open to any takers."
(1356) Kiwren: "Arabel is within the borders of Cormyr, yes?"
(1354) Cassima: "Very much so, yes Kiwren."
(1375) Sephris (enter): 21:19
(1353) Lady Winter: "Lord Greenmantle is a member of the nobility and has agitated for the removal of His Majesty on the grounds that the King is unfit to rule. Although he has not garnered the support of other families or Houses, we are not taking any chances."
(1353) Lady Winter: "Yes. It lies 40 miles to the east."
** (1356) Kiwren shakes her head "Polotics gives me a head açe." **
(1355) Sushil: :to Kiwren: "That is a common affliction." :then to Winter: "The only problem is, Arabel is to the east, far across the river. We found the Locket however to the northwest."
(1353) Lady Winter: "The reward will vary pending satisfactory resolution of this matter. You will be paid a sum of one thousand golden lions but that may increase depending on what occurs."
** (1353) Lady Winter nods but offers no hint of reaction. **
(1355) Sushil: "Do you know any alternate river crossings than the bridge, where they would have likely been spotted?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "There are many ways to cross the Starwater other than the bridge. Magical means for example."
(1356) Kiwren: "It seems a simple mater to me, if Lord Greenmantle has agitated for the removal of the lawful King, without the support needed to enact said removal. Lord Greenmantel should be removed from the nobility, his lands and title stripped and passed to the crown. It would make an example of him and warn others who were thinking of supporting him that the King is still fit to rule."
(1353) Lady Winter: "Yes, it would Kiwren, but if we had proof. As it is, there are rumors."
(1353) Lady Winter: "We do know that the girl passed through Eveningstar eight days ago. That was the last that any person saw her alive."
(1356) Kiwren: "Lady Ruth is a minor noble, Yes? So if she were to act in a manor that showed she didnt support the current king, like by employing 'Hostile' races, and intentionaly short çanging the king on his taxes, then Lord Greenmantel may contact her, even though she is only Minor Nobility?"
(1354) Cassima: "Did anyone notice if she had her locket when she passed through town?"
** (1355) Sushil raises a warning eye to Kiwren. **
** (1356) Kiwren shakes her head, "Sorry, I will let you continue the talk of the missing bride and ponder my thoughts myself." **
** (1353) Lady Winter raises a brow. "Hostile races?" **
(1353) Jasper: "She may ha' had it."
(1355) Sushil: "That is another matter, I needed to speak with you of, though Kiwren here speaks a bit too frankly." :snickers in some minor jest:
(1353) Lady Winter: "I know she has a hobgoblin in her employ as a cook, I think? Unless there is more."
(1356) Kiwren: "Well she is already employng a Hobgoblin, and I invited Ait, the Bolg Mor, here to join her employ. But I belive Sushil wishes to talk about this missing bride."
(1353) Lady Winter: "Who is the Bolg Mor?"
** (1354) Cassima glances back to Jasper, "But none can be certain? So she may have lost it before reaching Eveningstar, indicating that she came from the north of here and indeed continued on to Arabel. Or, she may have lost it afterwards and have been headed north from here, whether or not of her own free will." **
(1355) Sushil: :sighs: "He is a Firbolg, who my associates hope to make a peasceful agreement of aid with, by way of Lady Ruth."
** (1353) Jasper simply shrugs. **
(1356) Kiwren: "A Firbolg from the north west. Rumors say he waylays travelers and kills them if they cannot pay to pass though his lands. Though I doubt that killing part is true."
** (1355) Sushil chuckles a bit at Kiwrens excessive honesty, though turns discretely back to her with a warning glare. **
(1353) Lady Winter: "Giants are a serious matter, particularly giants with a reputation for being murderers. I have not heard of this particular giant however, so I shall wait and see what happens. We will be vigilant in the meantime."
(1356) Kiwren: "Um shushil, I just swore an oath not to work against the crown, laying to a represenative of the crown would seem to be working against the crown, No?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "You say you made a peaceful agreement with this giant, so I trust your judgment was in good faith."
(1355) Sushil: "I thank you for your understanding in the matter." :tries to ignore Kiwren: "I would ask also that you put out word to patrols around the area, so the Bolg Mor is not caught in confrontation or misunderstanding before his arrival at Stonewatch."
(1353) Lady Winter: "Firbolg are usually not thought of as dangerous. Verbeeg are, on the other hand." (smiles slightly) "I thank you for the suggestion. Now, if you have any more questions?"
** (1356) Kiwren shrugs and turns to scanning the room muttering to herself **
(1355) Sushil: "None at the moment. I'll try not to let you down in this matter of the missing girl, after a brief stop off in Stonewatch to report to Ruth, of course. By the way, do you have a name and description of the girl?"
** (1353) Lady Winter passes a description to you. **
(1353) DM: (I haven't really thought about a physical description but I promise I'll have it set in stone by next session.)
(1355) Sushil: (not a problem. doubt we'll meet her before then.)
(1354) Cassima: /ooc smoke break
(1354) Cassima: (( smoke break ))
(1355) Sushil: "I thank you, my Lady, and I will get the other new members here soon to swear in and have the charter amended."
(1353) Lady Winter: "Demerias of House Cormaeril."
(1353) Lady Winter: "House Cormaeril has extensive influence throughout the kingdom due to its landholdings and connections with the royal family."
** (1353) Lady Winter nods. **
(1355) Sushil: "I take it leads have been investigated for anyone who would profit from disturbing this marriage?"
(1353) Lady Winter: "This matter is a bit outside my jurisdiction as Lord Greenmantle resides in Arabel. You will have to inquire there. However I have heard that any investigation has proved fruitless."
(1355) Sushil: "I see."
(1355) Sushil: "Well, if there is no further business, we will take our leave." :looks for any objections:
** (1354) Cassima shakes her head slightly, indicating she has none. **
(1355) Sushil: :bows: "Fare thee well, Lady." :then turns to leave.:
** (1356) Kiwren remains seated a moments, then looks up with a start as Sushil is getting ready to leave "Oh sorry is it time to go?" **
(1355) Sushil: :stops, glancing back to Kiwren: "Yes.. we have an appointment to keep with Ait, remember?"
** (1354) Cassima follows Sushil. **
(1354) Cassima: "And Dertol as well."
(1356) Kiwren: "Oh yes. But we arnt headint to Stonewatç until morning. But I guess it would be rude to overstay in Lady Winters house." ** turns to Lady Winter ** "Pleasure meting you."
** (1356) Kiwren follows Sushil out, but stops just outside Lady Winters house and finds a comfortable place to sit and watch the flying cats. **
(1353) DM: (so you're going to Stonewatch then?)
(1354) Cassima: (( staying the night at the Inn, where we got a room - then Stonewatch in the morning. ))
(1355) Sushil: (yup. can we make it there by tonight in a ride? forget exact distance)
(1354) Cassima: (( I didn't think we would make it. If so - great. ))
(1379) Sephris (enter): 21:58
** (1355) Sushil meets back up with Smasher, standing guard outside the manse. Heading over to meet Kiwren, watching the cats, he takes a moment, before speaking, "I know you are unfamiliar with social subtleties, but in the future, you shoud try to be careful what you say in particular company." **
(1353) DM: (two days by horse. there lands are directly across the river over the bridge to the SE but the keep itself is a ways away)
(1353) DM: (also I think for Ait, I'm going to want the full group)
(1355) Sushil: (heh, gonna have to stay the night at the inn then, I guess)
(1353) DM: (there will be downtime involved though, before he gets to Stonewatch.)
(1355) Sushil: (ok)
(1356) Dj Gilcrease: Booting '(1375) Sephris' from room...
(1375) Sephris (exit): 22:04
(1356) Kiwren: (( so we gona FF to morning and start our travle to the Keep, or wait till next week when hopefully everyone is here? ))
(1353) DM: (up to you. if you can think of something to do while at the inn, go for it, otherwise it'll have to wait a week)
(1353) DM: (and after you do the thing with Ait, you're going to Arabel, correct? just so I know)
(1355) Sushil: (seems so)
(1354) Cassima: (( yep. ))
(1356) Kiwren: (( Kiwren is just spending some time watching the flying cats before going to sleep, so guess we wait till next week ))
(1353) DM: ok then
(1353) DM: Sephris is interested in a game
(1353) DM: I don't know if this game is right for him though

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