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Character Generation and House Rules (Wednesday game)
The Faerun campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms and uses the 3.5 D&D ruleset.

The following house rules are used in this campaign:

1. You may generate PCs using one of two methods:

a) roll 4d6, drop the lowest, re-roll 5 times and arrange as desired, add in racial bonuses/penalties (if any); OR

b) point buy with a pool of 30 points.

2. Your character should be from either the Dalelands, Sembia or from Cormyr. Note that the current game year is 1348 DR, the Year of the Spur. The date is significant because it is ten years before the Time of Troubles. In this campaign, events may diverge from that of the official campaign timeline.

3. If you play a caster-type PC, you will be expected to create a motif (either auditory or visual) that occurs while casting or once the spell is cast. Magic is intensely personal and the motif should be a consistent reflection of an aspect of your character's personality. For instance, hold person might take on the appearance of a sparkling golden chain that binds a person from taking action (if he or she fails the Will save). The spell's functionality is unchanged, merely its presentation. The motif is subject to DM approval.

4. Leadership is changed as follows: 9th level and a pre-requisite of 13 or greater Charisma. Feat does not grant a cohort, only followers. If you have ten or more followers, you must have a base of operations and a means to sustain your followers on a fairly regular basis.

The feat Great Leadership requires having the Leadership feat. Great Leadership grants a cohort who must be three levels or lower than the PC's level. The cohort is an NPC, and will be treated as such. If the PC's treatment of the cohort is such that the modifiers in the DMG would decrease the PC's leadership score (relative to the cohort) and the modified score is not high enough to attract a cohort, the cohort will leave.
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